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Dionaea Muscipula or more widely know as the Venus flytrap is one of the most famous carnivorous plant. Famous because it has an active trap that moves rapidly to capture insects. Many horror movies had their ideas of a giant man-eating plant from this amazing little plant.

Venus flytraps are perennial plants about 4-8 inches in diameter and they grow in a rosette form. There are basically red and green forms of this plant in nature, with the later being more common. There are also variations of green plants with reddish or pinkish color on the inside of its trap.

Dionaea muscipula red dragon Dionaea muscipula typical green form Dionaea muscipula fused tooth


The leaf of the Venus flytrap are like the two half of a clam shell but with the outer margin of the trap lined with spines or cilia Each side of the trap has 3-4 tiny trigger hairs set near the center and this is where the plant produces nectar to seduce insects into its trap.

When an insect land on the trap, it will move about feasting on the nectar. When it does this it will move the trigger hairs on the leaf. Once the trigger hairs are moved twice, the trap suddenly snap shut in a split second. The insect is trap in its cage with the spines keeping it from escaping. As the insect struggle to escape, the trap slowly close tighter until the trap is completely air tight. It then produces digestive juices to digest the insect.

Dionaea muscipula jaws teeth

Each trap can only open and close about 7 times. Therefore, do not poke the traps to trigger it just to see how it works. It is rude and wicket.


Venus flytraps are native to the coastal plain of southwestern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. They grow in a media of sand and peat in damp areas on the edges of swamps that are open and sunny. These are low-nutrient acid wetlands. The climate is warm-temperate with chilly winters and hot humid summers.


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