Germinating VFT Seeds

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Author: Tiong Soon aka TS
Date: 9 May 2007
Edited By: David

This is the way I used to germinate VFT & Sarracenia seeds. The germinating rate is high. Sundew seeds are too small for this method.

Step 1
Get a transparent glass container and fill it with purified or rain water.

Step 2
Sprinkle the seeds into the water and cover the glass container with a plastic cling film. Be sure to leave a small opening on one side of the container. Do not move the glass container after this because if you do, the seeds that are floating in the water might be washed to the side of the glass. When this happens the seeds may stick at the side of the glass container. The seeds will just dry out and die.

Step 3
Leave it in a shaded location for a couple of weeks until the seeds germinate. The older the seeds are, the longer it takes to germinate. I have had experienced with fresh seeds that germinated within two weeks.

Step 4
When the seeds germinate, wait until they grow some roots before transfering them into an appropriate potting media. Drip a few drops of water to each baby VFT to make sure the roots are properly covered by the potting media. Sit the pot in a maximum of 2cm of water, allowing the water to dry out before refilling again. After two to three days, you may place them under direct sunlight. Treat them as you do to adult plant.

Step 5
You will need to protect them from rain if they are placed outtdoors. Plastic or glass sheet placed above the plants works well. However, allow air circulation or hot air accumulated within the enclosure may kill your “babies”!

Wish you luck… and happy growing.



  1. Hi David,do they have to be glass container?

    Comment by marvin1997 — May 27, 2009 @ 4:40 pm

  2. Hi Marvin,

    You can use those claear plastic containers for food take-away to germinate your seeds.

    Comment by David — September 1, 2009 @ 11:14 am


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