Cultivation Of Drosera

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Basic Cultivation Guide To Drosera

Drosera are the most diverse carnivorous plants in the world with over 170 species on almost every continent in the world. Therefore in order to grow them well, we need to research the location and climate conditions where these plants come from. Generally all sundews need wet, low nutrient media to thrive. The difference is the climates and growing conditions where they come from.


Most species of Drosera thrive on a mix of 1 part peat and 1 part sand. Some require a sandier mix than others such as D. hartemeyerorum which thrives on a mix of 1 part peat and 4-5 parts sand. A few do best in sphagnum moss, example of which is D. adelae.


Drosera should be grown on the tray method, meaning their pots need to sit on a tray of water to keep the media permanently wet. Winter growing species require dry summer dormancy where the media dries out. Drosera are also more sensitive to dissolve salts, minerals and chorine in their water. It is best to use clean filtered tap water or rain water to water them.

Do not pour water on the plant but at the side of the plant. If you are using the tray method you do not need to worry. Pouring water on top of the plant washes away the dews from the leaves and the plant will have to put more energy into producing more dews. This might drain the plants limited energy. Moreover it might also cause the leaves to stick together in a mess if you water from the top.


Almost all require direct sunlight to bright light with the exception of a few from Queensland, Australia that needs shaded conditions. These are the 3 sisters of Queensland, ie. D. schzandra, D. prolifere and D. adelae, although D. adelae can be grown under more sunlight.


It is best to research each species and imitate the climate where they come from. Some need warm-temperate to temperate conditions while others thrive on sub-tropical to tropical and Mediterranean climate. If you try to grow a temperate species in a hot tropical climate, your chances of torturing and killing the plant is pretty high.


Drosera require medium to high humidity. However it is important to note that they also need good air circulation to do well unlike Nepenthes that can thrive in stagnant air.

Other Tips

If you are growing Drosera in the garden in the tropical climate in Malaysia, do provide some shelter from the rain as the heavy tropical rains can damage your plant and they do not like it.



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