Conservation Laws Relating to Nepenthes in Singapore

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Author: Cindy Ng
Date: 30 October 2007

Other than Nature Reserves, Nepenthes can be found in Singapore’s catchments areas, offshore islands as well as parks.

National Parks Board looks into the following:

1. Salvaging plants for nature areas affected by developments under which plants are potted in the field, brought back to the nursery to recuperate before planted in the Nature Reserves.

2. Reforestation projects at which desirable species are planted and introduced species are weeded out.

National University of Singapore helps in the conservation of the rarer species by germinating seeds, growing the plants out and distributing them to government institutions for planting in the wild.


Nepenthes plants growing in the Nature Reserves and Protected Areas are protected by the laws. Those convicted of offences related to removal, damaging or destroying of such plants are liable to a fine from $500 to $10,000 (depending on the area involved) and/or imprisonment for a term not more than 6 months.

For Nepenthes that grow on State land, they are State property. Removal of any plant from such area will amount to Theft under the Penal Code as well as Vandalism. On top of fine and/or imprisonment, the offence carries with it mandatory caning of 3 to 8 stokes of the rotan for the male offender.

The import or export of carnivorous plants is covered by the Endangered Species Act and its subsidiary legislation. This act applies to species like Dionaea muscipula, Nepenthes and Sarracenia species and is Singapore’s contribution to a world-wide effort to prevent further loss of endangered species. Such plants may be imported or exported with a phytosanitary permit and CITES certification. Any contravention is liable to a fine and/or imprisonment.


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  1. If you intend to bring plants from Peninsular Malaysia into Singapore please take note. According a news report in the NST (Dec 1, 2007 - page 6), with effect from Dec 1, 2007, travellers coming from Peninsular Malaysia will not be allowed to bring plants with potting medium into Singapore.
    Feedback from Choong aka kltower:

    According to Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) travellers are allowed to bring up to three (3) plants or 250 gm seeds per person, from PM without an import permit from AVA and phytosanitary certificate. However the plants must be free from potting medium such as soil, sphagnum moss, peat moss and potting mix.

    Travellers who brought in plants in excess of the quantity allowed must obtained an import permit as well as a phytosanitary certificate and those violated the regulations would have their plants confiscated and destroyed.

    Comment by David — July 16, 2008 @ 8:49 am


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